About Us

We are a student-run, religiously unaffiliated community of Yalies who meditate together.  Officially, we are registered as a Yale College student organization.

Why Meditate?

Meditation is mental training. It’s about developing an honest, intimate, and compassionate relationship with yourself and others. Research and religious traditions agree that meditation can help:

  • Reduce stress
  • Enhance concentration
  • Support self-control
  • Promote personal growth
  • Improve interpersonal relationships

What’s YMindful?

We are a community of Yalies who practice mindfulness — connecting with and embracing one’s experience of the present moment.

We exist to help devoted meditators support one another in consistent practice AND to cultivate a warm and welcoming environment in which Yalies with little or no experience can encounter meditation.

We meet every Saturday from 1-2 PM in the JE Common Room and take turns leading each other in meditative practices. We bring mindfulness to activities like sitting, walking, listening, speaking, writing, eating, and relaxing.

Try it Out!

Newcomers are always welcome — no experience with meditation required.

Just bring yourself!